We have all been through a period of profound change and, for some or most of us, tough challenges. The  COVID-19 Pandemic has changed all aspects of our lives, work, relationships, health and, for many, what we hold to be true and what we value. Many of us have had to reevaluate our goals and intentions for the future. Businesses we depend on have closed, friends and sometimes relationships have followed paths away from us and many have lost loved ones. We now depend on technology to manage our work tasks, keep us connected and entertain us more than ever. The social events, and cultural and art events we used to attend are beginning to emerge again and we are taking small steps toward events outside the home or viewing hybrid events st home. Although we seem to be emerging from the constraints of the past number of months, there are pieces to pick up and for many of us, an evaluation and likely a reinvention of ourselves and our life.

Although we are slowly coming back to some sense of normality, life is still very uncertain and planning is tentative at all times. Those of us who relied on travel to look forward to and indulge our sense of adventure are now getting a little excited about travelling, however we do know that only a few wealthier countries have populations that are vaccinated to any extent leaving the Pandemic raging in many countries making travelling to certain areas questionable. Also we are out more and visiting but we know a rise in cases will send us back home to reading more or looking for activities to entertain us, more than likely alone and on the Internet. Somehow the hope that all this will end soon is slowly fading with 4th waves, variants of concern and vaccine hesitant and averse people still getting and spreading the virus.  Masks are in and out of mandates so they are part of our wardrobe. Front line workers appear to be affected the most. They are still dealing with high levels of stress during this period and our hearts go out to them. There is a shortage because many have left their jobs. In fact million of people have left their jobs.

From what I have heard from individuals and through the media, many people have moved to entirely different environments and just as many have quit jobs that no longer serve them.  I, in fact, moved from downtown Vancouver to Vancouver Island to a much smaller urban community and that is a  huge change! All these changes can bring difficult feelings of loss and disorientation, and anxiety about the future. In setting the scene I am inviting you to reach out for support. I am here for you and I can help you make sense of and adapt to your life changes and set a direction for the future. I provide virtual video sessions and in person psychotherapy in both Vancouver and Vancouver Island. I have a variety of tools and approaches to support you while you take your life back from the chaos and uncertainty of the times. Contact me at 604-562-9130 and we can discuss how I can help you transform your life.