How calm you are
Beings of a thousand personalities
I wonder what you think
Of us humans
Aloof you are,
Sometimes alert and on guard,
Other times always sleeping,
How do you do that?
Such friends you are
Not asking for much
Such comfort you are
Chasing away loneliness
You meet my family at the door
When they visit
You hide at the sound of strangers
You amaze me with your intelligence
Psychic you are, knowing much
Different you are, very
He and she
He affectionate & mellow
She curious and sweet
Feisty Allie, snoozy Snoopy
My precious sweethearts.

By Dr. Denise E. Hall

I see you struggling, hurting, despairing.
Mired in the mud of anger and confusion,
I want to rescue you from its depths,
I want to comfort and heal you,
Plunge in and pull you from the darkness,
The deeper in the mud you are drawn,
The more I hurt for you,
I feel the grip of darkness,
Drawing you deeper, I was there once,
That is why your pain strikes through my heart,

Too close, almost unbearable,
I stop, I stop the urge to rescue,
Is it for me or for you?

Would you thank me for entering the darkness,
And extracting you from its grip?
When you are ready, it is your choice to ask,

For help and release,

When you do, the muddiness will clear,
The darkness will release,

You have the means, the strength, the know how,
Maybe I should ask “How can I help?”

I will be there by your side,

I will pull you out of the muck and wash you off,
Comfort you with a blanket, listen to your story,
But I cannot magically remove the pain,
Rescue is the last resort,

Because your pain is not mine to heal for you,

Only your faith in yourself,
Knowing your heart is drawn toward light.

I have faith you will survive your ”dark night of the soul,”
My pain seeing the darkness pulling you, gripping you,
Feeling the deepness of your pain and despair,
Is no reason take away your right to heal yourself,

But if you want, I can help and,
Then we can celebrate your recovery.