Dr. Denise E. Hall Creative Writer: Non-fiction & Poetry

Denise E. Hall Psy.D. is the author of In Harm’s Way: Professional Health Care Workers At Risk (A critical argument for organizational change). She maintains several blogs on her websites and creates articles of interest.

New Book Coming Soon!

Dr. Hall’s new book Reflections on the Craft of Therapy is soon to be published through Friesen Press.

The author has gathered a compilation of articles written for her two blogs at www.drdenisehalltherapist.com and www.ravenvocationalconsulting.ca and trade publications Rehab Review and Cognica. Book chapters include “Fostering Self Compassion”, “Hardiness in Challenging Times”, “The Social Brain”, “The Psychologically healthy workplace”, “Standing Up to Perfection”, and her most recent article “Patience is a Virtue”.

Be on the lookout for updates on this new publication!

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In Harm’s Way: Professional Health Care Workers At Risk

Dr. Hall’s book published in 2015, is uncompromising and thorough in its approach and reveals the inconsistencies in the care of caregivers and the illusion of safety that many professional health care workers work under. She maintains in her book that workplace injuries are costly and entirely preventable and the responsibility, although shared, largely lies with the organizations that employ these workers.

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